Over the last decade, I’ve made a name for myself as a freelance writer in the web design and tech spaces and have created content for companies like Wix, Smashing Magazine, and QuickBooks.

Before I started my writing business, I jumped from state to state and job to job. During that time, I worked for more than 20 companies, including the big guys — Amazon, Disney, AstraZeneca, CVS, and Iron Hill Brewery. You might not know that last one, but people in and around Delaware certainly do. And it’s probably the only one on the list I’m proud to have on my resume. Or it used to be until they changed the way they make their nachos.

Anywho, you’re probably wondering what the hell I’m doing here and why you should subscribe to my newsletter.

Well, I write about the darker things I’ve observed and learned along the way — in business and in life. Sometimes I do it in essay form. Other times I tackle it in short story format.

So… If you’re interested in reading about the scarier side of technology, marketing, business, and the human condition, oh boy do I have some stuff to share with you!

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By day, I write articles related to web design, technology, and business management. By night, I write short stories and essays that cover similar themes, though with a more suspicious and sinister take.